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But do it your way! Success is defined by YOU!

There are lots of ways to learn and lots of ways to earn, let me educate you on some options. The days of having to go to college or university to find success are gone. Technology has made it so easy to make money in the modern world, especially when it comes to remote work. This is why this blog is all about removing the waste of time that is school. Instead, have a future with knowledge and money that you enjoy earning. We hope to create a world where you can be happy and successful (doing what you want to).

Take the steps to create the future YOU want. Others don’t get to decide your life and the success you create, you do. Seize your destiny.

  • Discover Digital Downloads
    Products are moving online as the world turns digital. Well you just found your next way to earn a passive income in the modern world. There are many people who claim to make passive income streams, but there are very few options for sole projects. Digital downloads are one of these rarities. Although you must make a storefront or posting on a platform like Etsy, once it is up, there is very minimal maintenance. So what can you sell on Etsy? We got some ideas and we are investing in some of these ourselves. Keep in mind that products should… Read more: Discover Digital Downloads

Post- Secondary

Post-secondary is much more expensive today, as it is really just a cash grab. The amount it costs now is simply not worth it, because the value of education has actually dropped. Now there are options that include large timeframes to complete, as it is online. Or take the quick root of educating yourself with certain skills in a quick few-hour tutorial through, Google, LinkedIn, Coursera, Udemy, HubSpot Academy, HarvardX, etcetera.

Money Making

Money can be earned in ways that require no education and sometimes it requires just money to create more money. This blog will mostly speak about how to make your own business to do what you love, but if you are able to earn from working for someone else, do it, or do both. One source could be earning money for you at all times, which is passive income, the best income.

Alternative Education

Alternative education is a great option to consider. For example, I took a course (plus two Advanced Modules) with the Interior Design Institute. To enhance my profile, I utilized LinkedIn’s free trial to acquire numerous LinkedIn Learning certifications. While this experience is free, paying for the more comprehensive courses provides even better learning opportunities. My recommendation is to hold off on paying until you can see the value it provides. When you’re able to do so and feel confident that the investment will pay off in three months or less, then enlist in the paid courses. Online courses are easily accessible, and purchasing them is efficient, so you can begin learning right away. Efficiency is essential to achieving success in life.


Success has a different meaning for everyone, but for me, it means having financial freedom. True freedom comes when money pours in continually. This can be achieved through dividends and sources that require minimal expenses to maintain. Another important aspect of success is expertise in your chosen field. Strive to be the best in your particular area of focus instead of attempting to excel in everything. Identifying your niche will help you stand out in the industry. Don’t worry about being the best in the industry as a whole, but rather, aim to be the best at something within it. Check out how my journey is going on my professional blog.

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